A blend of dark fantasy and science fiction!

The Project 7th Sign


7th sign is a classic 2D action/shooter platformer game with a healthy dosage of psychological horror elements. This is a good admixture of 90’s classic action games. currently this game is on beta state and we are working on the first episode of the game ( First half of the game containing four boss fights and six amazing levels)


The story is about P.A.T (phantom advanced technology), one of the biggest weaponry companies during World War III, that have created numerous mechanical and biomechanical intelligent weapons. After the war, owing to a universal settlement, All countries and companies compromised to destroy all weapons. They gathered them on Patmos, an outlying island, and was going to prepared themselves to demolish that island by a bomb. But, the weapons were incredibly perspicacious. Therefore they killed all agents on the island and dominated Patmos. There are not any other choices, They decided to send Asmodeus, the most powerful and intelligent creation, to the island to find seven signs and activate the bomb with the signs. But the signs are in hands of the weapons for their own safety. So Asmodeus should make his way through them to activate the bomb


Mehrdad Farokhy

Game Design / PR

Sajjad Mowlaie

Peyman Vahidkhah

Game Programming / Design

Game Artist / Director / Sound

Our team is formed when we were at the university considering game development as our ultimate goal. So we started to work …We started this project two years ago, all the members of the team have worked on this project part time since we needed another job to have income. Right now, considering the current state of the game, we can finish the first episode of the game by the end of 2022

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TRYESTATE @gmail.com

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