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7th sign is an upcoming classic 2D-platformer Action game inspired by games likes Doom, Quake, Abuse and Painkiller. Our goal is to entertain the player with massive enemy fights , great Boss Fights and stirring music.

The game is about a high tech intelligent weapon that is made by humans to destroy all the other intelligent weapons and spread peace in the world. actually In order to reach this goal that ultimate weapon should kill himself too. And this is where our story begins, are these intelligent weapons allow their creators to destroy them?



These Materials Were Taken From Beta Prototype.

Our Team

We wanted to create a game about darkness itself! And also be Classic! We wanted to make the actions like those in the 90’s video games. Fortunately, it was the same thing that my friends wanted from a game that they had in their minds. So the plan was simple, get together and create a mix-tape of 90’s good action video games in the best way that we can.

During the production some friends help us out with music and art. Their comments on some parts of the game was extraordinary helpful. We want to thank Sassan Sadeghi for his collaboration with soundtrack production, also we want to thank Vandad Farhadi for his helpful comments on visual parts of the game.

Peyman Vahidkhah


Sajad Mowlaie


Mehrdad Farokhy


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